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Terms and Conditions 


  • General
    1. is a website operated by Urban Pioneers AS. Hereinafter referred to as «Urban Pioneers», «us» or «we». Urban Pioneers is a company registeredin Norway with org. number 916643896, and located at Birkedalsveien 26, 4640 Søgne, Norway. 
    1. Our MVA number is 916643096MVA.
    1. For any questions regarding Terms and Conditions, Urban Pioneers can be reached by email to
    1. These Terms and Conditions govern the selling terms of all orders placed by customer(s), hereinafter referred to as «you» or «the customer» on the domain from the moment you place an order until payment and delivery. By ordering a product you agree to be legally bound by these Terms and Conditions.
    2. Please make sure you have read and understand them before you place an order. 
    3. The Customer and Urban Pioneers are hereinafter collectively referred to as the «Parties».
    1. Urban Pioneers reserves itself the right to amend these Terms and Conditions from time to time. The new version will not be retroactive and the Parties shall only be bound by the Terms and Conditions witch are online the day order is placed.
    1. The site and all content owned by Urban Pioneers or its licensors. This information is protected by intellectual property law and marketing legislation. This means that trademarks, company names, product names, images and graphics, designs, layouts, and product, service and other content information are not allowed to be copied or used without prior written consent of Urban Pioneers.
    1. You must be at least 18 years of age to order via the Website. According to Norwegian legislation, Urban Pioneers does not accept credit purchases for persons under the age of 18. Urban Pioneers reserves the right to refuse or change your orders (for example, if you have given incorrect personal information and / or a history of non-payment of debt).
    1. In these Terms and Conditions, the following terms shall have the meaning ascribed to them below:

«Site» means domain of

«you» means the customer who places an order.

«Customer» means the individual who places an order.

«Working day» means days witch is neither a Saturday or Sunday, nor a public holiday in Norway or the customers country.    

«Order» means the order submitted by you to the Site to puchase product(s) from us. 

«Content» means all texts, graphics, videoes, pictures and all other published on this site.

«Third Party Sites» means any site not provided by Urban Pioneers.

«Contract» means the order placed by you for the purchase of the product(s) in accordance with these Terms and Conditions.

Words imparting the singular shall include the plural and vise versa. 


  • Contract and orders
    1. To place an order through the Website, you must accept the General Terms and Conditions. By accepting the General Terms and Conditions you undertake to comply fully with the General Terms and Conditions and acknowledge that you have read the information on personal information and consent to use in accordance with Urban Pioneers Privacy Policy.
    1. A purchase agreement is confirmed when customer receives order confirmation e-mail from Urban Pioneers. We encourages you to keep the booking confirmation for any future contact with Urban Pioneers customer service for your order.
    1. If you would like to change or cancel your order, send an email to contact@urbanpioneers.noWe will do our best to stop the process before it´s out the door, but if not you can use the or right of withdrawal. Read more about this under excange, return and cancellation.
    1. We strive to provide our customers with accurate information about our products as possible. However, we do not make reservations that misprint or errors in pictures may occur, which may mean that we cannot deliver according to information provided on our website, our marketing or otherwise. Furthermore, we reserve the right to cancel your order or part of it, if the product is sold out or intended for resale. In case of sold-out situations, you will receive notice of this, possibly together with information about what we can offer instead. You will have the opportunity to accept our new offer with the changes we make regarding your order or cancel your order.


  • Pricing
    1. All prices are inclusive of MVA. The total cost of purchases in Norway will appear before the order and include all expenses related to the purchase as expenses for postage, shipping, packaging, environmental tax etc.


  • Payment
    1. You pay safely with card and the purchase price will be reserved on the card after your order confirmation. We have a good security system that will take care of a real order. When you shop with us, the payment is processed by our terminal supplier Klarna, which is a secure electronic payment solution for Visa and MasterCard. All card information is kept in accordance with the card companies' regulations 
    2. Buy now, pay later. Read more about this in Klarnas payment terms on our site.


  • Delivery
    1. Delivery of the products takes place the time stated on the order confirmation. Usually 2 - 7 business days. We have the risk of the products until they are taken over by you, that is, when you have received the products in your possession. If the delivery of the products is delayed, we will provide you with information as soon as we have knowledge of it, together with information about and possibly when delivery can take place, or if the product (s) are sold out. You can follow your orders under "My Page".
    2. The expected delivery time is stated in the order confirmation, at the check-ou. If there is a delivery delay, Urban Pioneers will inform you of this and will continue to keep control of the order. Unless otherwise expressly agreed, and if a delivery is delayed for more than 30 business days and is not due to you as Customer, you are entitled to cancel the Purchase.
    3. If a package is to be picked up at a specific delivery point, you must do so within the time specified in the message. Packages must normally be picked up personally with valid identification and order number. You will receive a notification of delivery indicating when and where the package must be retrieved or received. The message should be given by e-mail, regular mail, and if you have notified a mobile number, also by phone or SMS. Urban Pioneers has the right to charge you for a fee of 149 NOK if the package is not collected.
    4. After receiving the products, as soon as you have the opportunity, you should check whether the delivery is in accordance with the order confirmation, whether the products have been damaged during shipping, or whether the products are otherwise defective or missing.



  • Excange, return and cancellation
    1. You can return products for any reasons up to 30 days after receiving your order and provided if the product is in its original condition, unwashed and that all the tags are still attached. 
    2. Please note that you can only return products puchased on
    3. To register a return - log in to My Pages and select "Returns". Indicate which item(s) you wish to return and the reason why.



  • Complaints
    1. We take all complaints seriously and try to resolve disputes as soon as they arise. Customers wishing to make a complaint are encouraged to contact our customer care team as soon as possible 
    2. If the products have faults or defects, you can, in the circumstances, demand a correction of the defect, replacement, price reduction, compensation or to cancel the purchase. The error must exist when you get the products in your possession. We will see if we can repair the item if it is impossible to obtain a new one, for example if the item is no longer manufactured, or that your desire entails an unreasonable cost.
    3. Urban Pioneers has a 2 year limited warranty against production and material defects. Damage caused by normal use and wear is not covered by this warranty. If possible, this may be repaired for a fee. 
    4. Production and material defects are an inherent defect, that is, an error that was actually there when the product was purchased in a store. Such an error / defect will usually occur early. In cases where the product is older than 2 years and the complaint is not defined as a complaint under the Consumer Purchase Act, the product will be individually assessed based on use and condition.
    5. If you have complain, please send us an email to and we will sendt you a form to fill out your information.


  • Customer information
    1. We are concerned with the privacy and security of our customers. To shop on our website you need to register as a customer. This information is used only by Urban Pioneers for the purpose of having your product delivered through our carriers and in order to handle warranty, claim and right of withdrawal. We do not send out advertisements to you unless you have consented to this by registering for our newsletter. We only store address, phone number and email. Information about your payment goes through your card company. These are basic information that we need to sign up and send goods to you. Our carriers also need information such as address and telephone number to contact you when handing over your ordered products.
    2. History with an overview of your purchases will not be deleted, but will be stored on "My Page" in our online store. Read more about this in our privacy policy.
    3. If Urban Pioneers suspects that you are abusing your user account or login information or otherwise violating the Terms and Conditions, Urban Pioneer's right to block access to your user account. Urban Pioneers also has the right to assign you new login information.
  • Links
    1. The site may contain links to other websites. Urban Pioneers AS cannot be held responsible for the content or privacy rules of these sites.


  • Report
    1. If you see any inappropriate content or have questions about these terms, please contact


  • Defaults
    1. Urban Pioneers reserves the right to take legal action for breach of these conditions, including the right to block access to the Site.
  • Conflict
    1. The parties shall endeavor to resolve any disputes amicably. The buyer can contact the Consumer Council for assistance in any dispute with the seller. If amicable solution is not achieved after mediation in the Consumer Council, the parties may request in writing that the Consumer Council promotes the dispute for the Consumer Disputes Committee. Decisions by the Consumer Disputes Committee are enforceable four weeks after preaching. SUrban Pioneers will follow the decision of the Consumer Dispute Committee. See Act of 28 April 1978 No. 18 on the Consumer Disputes.


  • Force majeure
  1. Events such as war, natural disasters, strikes, public decisions, failed deliveries from subcontractors and similar events outside Urban Pioneers AS control, which is not reasonably predictable, goes under force majeure, which means that Urban Pioneers AS is released from its obligations to fulfill contractual agreements